We offer full TCM services Prescription are made from natural herbs We offer herbal medicine decoction and delivery service TCM diagnosis is by asking , observing and listening to patient Pulse reading is the most important link to diagnose patient's condition Relieve menstrua pain and warm uterus Promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis Regulate your body's yin and yang Moxibustion Acupuncture Sedation and pain relieve Non toxic and no side effects Benefits of TCM cupping Regulate Yin and Yang Sedation and pain relief Dispel dampness and clear heat Promote blood circulation Regulate Yin and Yang Clear heat and reduce swelling Eliminate phlegm and relieve spasm Scraping Promote blood circulation and relieve pain Relax muscles, strengthen the body Promote blood circulation and relieve pain Massage We use native herbal Prescribe the right herbal medicine according to symptoms medicine for treatment herbal medicine decoction We offer and delivery service are approved by HSA Our medication capsules Four Essences, for post-chemotherapy, post-surgery Calcium-D Collagen, for degenerative joint discomfort, and prevention of cardiovascular disease cartilage damage, osteoporosis

Brief Introduction

Founded in 2009, Yu Sheng Tang (TCM) Clinic, a family-style traditional Chinese medicine clinic, serving the Bishan neighborhood, is located at Block 508, Bishan Street 11, minutes walk from Bishan MRT station. Mainly spread by word of mouth, our physicians diligently study ancient scriptures to find the best treatments for our patients, our services include pain management and treatment of leg, neck, waist and shoulder pains, gynecology, pediatrics and infertility. Our greatest joy come from a happy and fully recovered patient.



Our Services:

Acupuncture, TCM consultation, pediatrics, gynecology, andrology, orthopedics, massage, tuina, scraping, moxibustion, postpartum care, healthcare tuina, acupuncture sliming, acupuncture beauty.


All kind of pains, neck and shoulder pain, low back and leg pain, stiff neck, cervical spondylosis, chronic acute sprain, knee arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, ankle sprain, etc.

Our Team

We are a team of qualified female physicians with more than 10 years clinical experience. We serve every patient with smile, care, love and gratitude. It warms our heart when our customers praise us and have a satisfaction smile.


Opening Hours

We operation from Monday to Sunday

TCM Consultation: 10am to 10pm

Tuina: 10am to 10pm

Open all year round

Contact Us

We are located at:

508 Bishan Street 11, #02-384, Singapore 570508

For appointment, please call us at +65 6352 4486

Or you can WhatsApp us at +65 9363 1689